The Couture Show

Buyer Qualifications

Buyer Qualifications

COUTURE Las Vegas is an appointment based TRADE event for ACTIVE JEWELRY & TIMEPIECE BUYERS ONLY. COUTURE is NOT open to the public. Buyer registration is complimentary. If you have attended COUTURE in the past two years, then you may already be pre-qualified. If you are a retailer of finished fine jewelry and/or timepieces and are NEW to the COUTURE show, you will be required to APPLY for admission to COUTURE.

In order to qualify you must be a buyer from an active retailer of DESIGNER FINE JEWELRY & TIMEPIECES. Those dealing in non-branded jewelry will not qualify. Non-exhibiting manufacturers, designers, wholesalers, loose stone dealers or those operating out of their home will not be admitted to the show. Your firm must be an active retailer of branded, finished jewelry and watches, not loose stones. We reserve the right to request additional business identification if deemed necessary. The following documentation is required in order to be considered for the qualification process.

In order to begin the qualification process, you must provide at least (2) TWO of the following documents*.  One of the documents MUST BE INVOICES OF DESIGNER FINE JEWELRY:

*All documents not written in English, must be accompanied by certified translations.

  • Invoices – Three invoices showing purchase of finished, designer fine jewelry in multiple quantities within the last twelve months. Traditional Jewelry Retailers must provide 3 invoices that total $30,000 or more EACH. Non-Traditional jewelry retailers (such as a clothing boutique or gallery) will be considered with 3 invoices that total $10,000 each.
  • Business license indicating that you are a retail business (NOT a seller’s permit or Tax ID)
  • First 2 pages of store lease and photographs of inside and outside of the store including store name signage
  • New business only – Letter of Intent from an attorney, or bank on official letterhead stating the intent to start a new retail business
  • Active website address or E-Commerce website through which company business can be validated
  • Mail order companies must provide catalog

If you are a member of one of the following organizations, please also provide proof of membership.

  • Jewelers Board of Trade – Listing in JBT as a retailer of finished jewelry.
  • Jewelers of America – Be a member of JA as a retailer of finished jewelry.
  • American Gem Society – Be a retail member of AGS.


  • Individuals under the age of 16, including infants
  • Individuals operating businesses from home
  • General public/Non-trade guests/Retail buyer guests
  • Manufacturers, designers, suppliers, loose stone dealers
  • Retail jewelers who do not include COUTURE level branded designer fine jewelry/timepieces in their merchandise assortment



Emerald Expositions reserves the right to accept, reject or prohibit registration for or attendance at its events at any time for any reason.