The Couture Show


February 14, 2017

Giuseppe Picchiotti, owner of the Picchiotti brand, entered the jewelry business at the young age of 13. After spending that summer as an apprentice at one of the finest jewelry workshops in Valenza, Italy, he knew jewelry would become his lifelong passion. Today, this passion is accompanied by hobbies such as biking and classical music.COUTURE: Number of years in business?
Giuseppe Picchiotti: 50! We are celebrating our 50th anniversary in 2017.

C: What was your first job, either in or outside of the jewelry industry?
GP: At the age of 13, I did a summer apprenticeship at one of the finest jewelry workshops in Valenza.

C: What led you to jewelry design?
GP: After my apprenticeship (which I did for two summers) I knew that jewelry was my way.

C: If you weren’t a jewelry designer, what would your occupation be?
GP: I come from a long family line of distinguished pharmacists. So, the alternative would have been a pharmacist, which didn’t appeal to me very much.

C: Favorite pastime?
GP: Biking

C: If a theme song played every time you walked into a room, what would it be?
GP: Any piece of classical music

C: What gets your creative juices flowing?
GP: Beautiful Italian art

C: At what time of day are you most creative?
GP: Morning

C: Coffee or Tea?
GP: Coffee

C: Savory or Sweet?
GP: Savory

C: Favorite holiday and why?
GP: Relaxing time in the Dolomites

C: Favorite season?
GP: Spring

C: Tattoos?
GP: No