The Couture Show

2014 COUTURE Design Awards

June 2, 2014

Las Vegas, NV—Hundreds of people from the COUTURE community joined one another in the Encore Ballroom last night to celebrate the announcement of the winners of the COUTURE Design Awards event.

After a video highlighting the creative process that each of the designers at COUTURE go through in developing their collections, Gannon Brousseau took to the stage to express his admiration for the artistry that makes COUTURE so special, “From the conception of an idea to a finished work of art, your creative process is what distinguishes you as true artists. And your presence at COUTURE is what makes this show like no other in the world.”

A tremendous sense of community permeated the evening. As he accepted his award in the gold category, Yossi Harari noted, “I’ve been part of the COUTURE family for 13 years, and it really is a family!”

After the finalists and winners in each of the categories were announced, and a brief moment of silence was observed for designer Robin Rotenier, Matthew Rosenheim of Tiny Jewel Box got on stage to introduce this year’s Human Spirit Award recipient, Jim Rosenheim of Tiny Jewel Box. A video featuring Jeff Feero from Alex Sepkus, David Yurman and Rod Kosan speaking in commemoration of Jim rolled before Matthew commented, “I speak for myself when I say that you are a great father, a dedicated grandfather, and an amazing and generous mentor. I’ve always looked up to you as a business person and as a human being, and your love and dedication to my mom is a constant source of inspiration to me.”

The complete list of the finalists and winners are:


Winner: Finn
1st Runner Up: Furrer Jacot
2nd Runner Up: Mark Patterson

Colored Gems Above 20k

Winner: Nam Cho
1st Runner Up: Stephen Webster
2nd Runner Up: Miseno

Colored Gems Below 20k

Winner: Fernando Jorge
1st Runner Up: Mattioli
2nd Runner Up: Annie Fensterstock

Diamonds Above 20k

Winner: Qayten
1st Runner Up: Paolo Castagli
2nd Runner Up: Hearts on Fire

Diamonds Below 20k

Winner: Suzanne Kalan
1st Runner Up: AS29
2nd Runner Up: Casato


Winner: Yossi Harari
1st Runner Up: Annamaria Camilli Gioielli
2nd Runner Up: Elena Votsi

Haute Couture

Winner: Giovanni Ferraris
1st Runner Up: Shaun Leane
2nd Runner Up: Atelier Minyon


Winner: Henrich & Denzel
1st Runner Up: Roberto Demeglio/Sofer
2nd Runner Up: Jo Hayes Ward


Winner: Yoko by Euro Pearls
1st Runner Up: Jewelmer
2nd Runner Up: Sutra


Winner: Cynthia Bach
1st Runner Up: Steven Kretchmer
2nd Runner Up: Schaffrath


Winner: Montegrapa Italia
1st Runner Up: Konstantino
2nd Runner Up: Aida Bergsen


Winner: Annamaria Camilli Gioielli
1st Runner Up: Qayten
2nd Runner Up: Roberto Demeglio/Sofer

For more information on the COUTURE Design Awards or to seem images of finalists, winners or all submissions, please contact Michelle Orman at or (646) 302-55221.